We simply exist
to bring clarity...


Bringing light to future families by redefining present relationships through engaging the 21st Century teenager and young adult in deeper conversations on relationships and family.

This is our bold declaration of purpose.

We are Jesus Followers on a Mission to bring back light into the family. Everyone is in deep pursuit of clarity. It’s easy to get lost if you spend your life walking through fog.

“You are a light that shines for the world to see. A city built on a hill that cannot be hidden.” MATTHEW 5:14-15

We hope to establish clarity in light of the word of God and stir up change by looking deeper at what the modern-day Christian youth faces, especially within the confines of the family. It’s not only about tackling issues, but also creating a safe space for healing and experiencing the love of God and sharing it out to the world.

A better you will bring up a better family, which will transform the world.

It’s time to arise and BE THE LIGHT!!!

The Movement

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