Like a Movie…

When is the last time you watched a good movie or series?

Whatever your preferred genre is, I want to point out something that I’ve always found fascinating, which film creators use. Let’s set the stage…

We have the good guys, (or the hero) and we have the bad guys, (the villain). Then, there is a point of contention, which brings the interests of each side, and at times the effects and results of what happens if either side wins.

As the story unravels, we get to see the fight and struggle ensue, and in this story, our good guy is beaten down to the point of defeat and the villain takes hold of the day. Or so it may seem…

It only takes a moment…

Turning the tide of a narrative takes only a moment, and what happens in that single second changes the course of the story. It is when one person realizes that more can be done. The part where that one person goes like, “This is not how I go down…If I go down, I go down swinging.” It’s that part where no matter how beaten down or crushed, they may be, they make a resolve to take it just a bit further.

This may not be your Ideal narrative, but it surely does touch a nerve. Imagine that feeling, when you thought that this story ends here, then out of nowhere, a rugged and beaten down hero emerges out, with their last ounce of strength, vowing not to accept the fate they’ve been dealt with, but to at least try and change the story.

The Greatest Story ever told

Since the foundations of the earth were laid, this story was being shaped, in a way that we never imagined. This is the story of a hero who took our place, suffered shame and pain, and as if that was not enough, he gave his life for our sake at Calvary. It sure seemed all was lost like there was nothing left to do. This is the part where Peter goes back to fishing as if nothing had happened. Three days later, in a single moment, something of profound impact happened. This was to change the course of life as they knew it.

More powerful than fear

Back to the story, do you remember how you felt watching the events unravel, as the good guy chose to get back up his feet again?

This simple thing, which I’ve always found fascinating brings around a different kind of energy flowing. The mere idea that there might be a change in the trajectory of the situation brings in a fresh rush of energy. The most amazing and mysterious thing is that it does more to those watching the hero get up, at times even more than the one who makes the resolve. It is at this moment that we rediscover our true strength and our true selves. We get a clear glimpse of what we want and is worth fighting for, to the extent of driving out fear and giving us resounding courage.

Hope is powerful, not only because of what it does to us individually but also what it does to everyone watching around us.

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