On her husband’s birthday, Rebecca Dawn, wrote A Sweet Little Love Song to her husband Allan. I’m actually on earphones listening to the lyrics as I type this part of the article. I have no doubt that this is one among the most genuine love song that I’ve ever come across. Most simple lyrics and beats, but one sincere expression. You see that particular mien you put on when love is all around the air, now, that is what I have on. Literally. Why? Because, I’m in the mood already… of love. Again, Why? Because… ok, I just wonnah do something related to our theme verse this month. John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down His life for His friend. (NIV)

Such verses are which I take my good time and let the Holy Spirit reveal as much as he wills to my heart. Now, probably I should ask, have you ever been in love? Have you ever had this affectionate feeling towards somebody? Have you at some point wanted to express the genuine sensation to that dearest person with all intensity that there is? Yáll know it can feel numb, you could go mute, you could go damper, words may fail. Today though, I’d love us to express how sweet I/we who have even the least of idea about agape love, feel, out of trying to understand how unfathomable it was, is and will remain. Take a few minutes of your time today, write something to Jesus, sing it out, murmur it in, act it out, in whichever way you choose, just do it. Make it known to yourself, study it, then make it known to Him how you feel about the acquaintance.

Seriously, I’ve read, I’ve heard tales of love, but when it comes to the story of the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, there’s always a new flavor and revelation. The unconditional and perpetual nature of it, I think, makes it hit like so. Every moment I think about this kind of love, I can’t resist the refreshing thrill that truly settles in me. Just to stamp on the Great Love of the sacrificial act of Jesus Christ, I will express how I feel of this. I cannot exhaust the description; hence I will just use the fewest words I can get, topping up with the simplest exhortations.

With all considerations to it, do I truly deserve such kind of an act? Somebody laying down their life sacrificially purely because I’m their friend? Definitely from my trail record, issa big NO! Prior Christ’s love, I had no identity, but I’m now called His Friend. For a moment, I’ll pause and imagine, are we friends with the creator of the world? Huh! I rightly honor Jesus for losing His life for my gain. Just like Rachel Lampa I should probably state with all conclusion, that “no greater love than this that you should lay down your life. For someone such as me I’d spend a life time wondering why the beauty of heaven is here in my heart and I know there can be no greater love than this.”

All this slows down or rather ceases any urge to seek a second party validation of who I am. I kid not, no human, not even your blood siblings, not even your mother, would love you with such kind of vastness, surpassing all odds, sticking all times, and just love you unreservedly. And the moment you instill this in the deepest parts of your body, soul, and spirit, you will experience the conversion result, the poise, and guarantee of Jesus presence in your life.

With this kind of love, I rest assured that in all the trials and tribulations, glam and joy, there is God standing in the corner. God, through our Monthly theme verse, is reminding us especially the young people that He loves us and that would never change even if we run away from Him. This is the new trend to heaven. Reminders everywhere!! And as #TheMwangaCollective targets to bring back light into the family, this is a good knowledge to start with. In the deep pursuit of clarity, juice this. And from our purpose statement we say, it’s not only about tackling issues, but also creating a safe space for healing and experiencing the love of God and sharing it out to the world. This is the reveal you need guys. Drive it into your soul. This is the Greatest of All loves.

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