Want to be part of the song.
I want to be part of the rain..
Together we shall sing and dance in the rain.

I want to be part of the wind.
I want to be part of the move.
Together we shall blow to the direction of the spirit.

Revival time is praise time.
Oooh .. I cant wait to cry in worship.
Together laughing and rejoicing in prayers.
Looking back and saying..
“It’s the Lord who has done”

He has broken the gates of bronze.
He has broken the door of Iron.
Gates have lifted their hands.
Ancients doors has opened.
The king of glory has entered.
The strong and mighty has made us strong.

We’ve broken out into songs.
I want to be part of this.
We shall look back and say..
“Yes,the lord has done it for us..”

What a joy when dry bones receive their breath.
Bones knit together with flesh.
The blood of the lamb flowing in their veins.

What a joy when the rain falls.
When the ground quenches its thirst.
When seeds germinate and give life to the earth.
Hallelujha!! it shall be.